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What is pH?

Mar 30, 2022

What is pH?

The pH level or balance refers to an acid-basic ratio measured on a scale of 1-14. Maintaining intimate hygiene is about maintaining the pH or potential hydrogen level in your intimate areas. 


A rating of available hydrogen less than seven is considered more acidic, whereas anything higher than seven is considered more alkaline. A neutral pH level is what we should strive to achieve. However, 7 is not an ideal pH level for humans. The pH level of the human body lies between 6-7 as our bodies are slightly more acidic. 


It is a mechanism that fights off harmful bacteria. It can even change based on the part of the body depending on numerous factors like exposure to body fluids, humidity, sun, pollution, rain, etc. That's why there's a difference between the pH levels of our face, hands, and the intimate areas. 


Therefore, you cannot use the same soap to clean the groins that we use to clean our face and body. 


Our intimate area hardly sees any light of the day and is usually warm and moist at most times. It's also naturally more capable of fighting off harmful germs and bacteria. That's why maintaining your intimate area's pH balance is very important. 

An ideal pH balance in your groin helps to fight germs, fungus, bacteria, etc. and stay healthy. You can naturally minimize inflammation, irritation, itching, and odour through this. 

Here are a few things that can cause pH level imbalance in your intimate areas:

  • Unhygienic sex practices
  • Douching
  • Regular intake of antibiotics 

All of these things could be the reason for pH imbalance. But how do we know if our pH level is not in balance? 

Here's how you can identify whether you are suffering from pH imbalance 

You must be aware of a few signs and symptoms as they are early indications of imbalanced pH, including -

  • A foul smell
  • unusual discharge
  • itching 
  • burning sensation while urinating. 

How can you prevent pH imbalance?

  • Practice good sexual hygiene
  • Consume probiotics
  • Consume yoghurt
  • See a doctor


In conclusion, it's easy for you to throw off your pH balance as numerous factors affect it. However, you can also prevent it from happening by considering the preventive measures discussed above or you simply use the intimate hygiene range from SVISH instead of using regular soap or body wash.


Dr. Shalabh Agrawal