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Hand sanitizer spray - Don't shy to shake hands!!

May 19, 2022

Hand sanitizer spray - Don't shy to shake hands!!

Hand sanitizer spray resource in hygiene is one of the most important steps to avoid becoming ill and spreading potentially harmful germs to others. Not washing one's hands can spread a variety of diseases and conditions. According to experts, our hands can hold up to a billion invisible bacteria.

While the proper hand-washing technique is essential for maintaining our health, soap and water aren't always available when you need them. This is where alcohol-based sanitizers like svish hand sanitizer spray come in handy. When there is no access to a faucet, one should use a hand sanitizer.

When is the most appropriate time to use hand sanitizer:

  • Every time we use the toilet, whether at home or in public.
  • Before you eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or put anything in your mouth.
  • Before and following contact with a sick person
  • Before and after cooking and food preparation
  • Before and following the treatment of a cut or wound
  • Following contact with garbage
  • Following contact with an animal or animal waste
  • After you've blown your nose, coughed, or sneezed.

Hand Sanitizer Advantages:

  • Hand sanitizers take less time to use than hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizer spray can kill microorganisms on our hands that we cannot see with our naked eyes.
  • Hand sanitizers are more readily available than sinks.
  • Hand sanitizers are small and light enough to fit in our pockets.
  • Hand sanitizers aid in the reduction of bacterial counts on the hands.
  • pocket hand sanitizer spray are gentler on the skin than soap and water.
  • Your hands will be cleaner for longer than if you used soap and water.


Why Should We Use Hand Sanitizer?

Germs in our hands can make their way into our mouths. It is simply not possible to wear rubber gloves all day. But we can at least keep our hands clean so that germs don't get a chance to make us or others sick. When we do not practise proper hand hygiene, germs from our hands can enter our eyes, nose, or mouth whenever we touch them. And once infected, it's usually only a matter of time before the entire family contracts the same illness. As a result, hand hygiene is critical. Furthermore, clean, running water is not always available when we are in a vehicle, at a mall, travelling, or even at home. The best alternative is to clean hands with an alcohol-based pocket hand sanitizer spray from svish to maintain hand hygiene.

How to use Svish Hand Sanitizer:

  • Apply the product to one Hand's palm (read the label to learn the correct amount).
  • Rub the product over the entire surface of your hands and fingers until they are dry. After that, you're ready to go.
  • Never rinse or wipe your hands with water after using the Hand Sanitizer, which will negate the product's effect.

Svish hand sanitizer spray is India's 1st No Gas Hand Sanitizer Spray - Shake hands with a new way of life – one with no restrictions, no doubts.