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How to clean your penis?

Mar 30, 2022

How to clean your penis?

Men! We don't know whether you’ve been told to clean your intimate area regularly and it might be news for a few of you, but it is crucial to maintain your genital hygiene for overall personal hygiene and well-being. So, whether you know it or you don't, let us all take a good look at the facts, such as why and how you should clean your penis. 

Growing up, if no one gave you a rundown of why or how you should keep your penis clean or never had a reliable source to search for answers to your questions such as what to use to clean your penis? Should you use soap? Is smegma normal or a health condition? If your penis is itchy, should you go to a doctor? And many more such questions, don't worry, and we have got your back. 

So, how do you wash your penis? 

It is unfortunate that many people still find it uncomfortable or a taboo to talk about genital hygiene and wellbeing in 2022 and you probably know more about taking care of your hair than your genitals, but this article is here to change that today. 

To wash your penis,

  • Gently pull back the foreskin from the glans
  • Wet your penis with warm water, then apply a wash of your choice like a mild soap or intimate balls wash
  • Remember, a little goes a long way, so avoid lathering too much product 
  • Be gentle while cleaning with whatever you choose to - a scrubbing cloth, loofah, or the old-fashioned way, your hands
  • It is a three-dimensional work so remember to clean all the nooks and crooks. If you're someone who likes to keep extra fleece down there, then gently brush through the hair too
  • Once you feel that there's not a single area left that you haven't cleaned, you can rinse your penis off thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Finally, pat it dry with gentle hands using a soft cloth or towel 


What happens when you don't do the cleaning? 

Penis, if not cleaned regularly, begins to accumulate excessive smegma. Smegma is a natural secretion that the glands present in the male reproductive glands produce to keep it moist and healthy. However, smegma, when it goes unnoticed for an extended period and after coming in touch with dead skin cells and sweat, can accumulate under the foreskin. 

Although it's natural, too much of anything can lead to bad things. In this case, it's a foul odour, itchiness, discomfort, the growth of bacteria, etc. 


Some extra tips to keep your buddy down there clean and fresh! 

  • Avoid using deodorants, colognes, lotions, body washes, or moisturisers on your penis that contain perfume and alcohol 
  • Change your underwear every time after exercising or any other physical activity 
  • Don't forget to clean your balls, and scrotum is a part of your penis, so don't overlook cleaning the base too 
  • If you're a sexually active person, then always clean yourself well after sex
  • Plus, while you're at it - it is a good time to do a little self-assessment check for any changes in your penis or scrotum area 


What to watch out for! 

Sure, things could still happen even when you're doing the penis cleaning religiously. But yes, the chances increase when you don't. Using soaps, infection, skin disorders, poor hygiene, or friction from activities can all lead to another health condition. 

But if you're noticing rashes, redness, pain or swelling, etc., it is better to seek treatment from a medical professional. 

In mild cases, you can opt for over-the-counter ointments such as antifungal or antiseptic creams, which are conveniently available at a pharmacy. Or else you can use the intimate hygiene range from SVISH! They are easy-to-use, skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and pocket-friendly too! 

Final words

Remember, your penis is a part of your body, just like your face, hands, or legs. Therefore, you must keep it clean and well-maintained. Moreover, don't back away or hesitate to strike a conversation about "penis hygiene" with your family, friends, and medical professionals. 

After all, overall health and wellness should be top priority. 


Dr. Shalabh Agrawal