Svish Ballz Trimmer for Men | 120 min Run Time | Svish Sensitech™ Technology| | 100% Waterproof | Free Leather Bag | Power Indicator Display | Hygiene Below the belt Kit

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Product Description

Don't beat around the bush. SVISH BALLZ TRIMMER is designed especially for the HYGIENE BELOW THE BELT. We went down there where no one else would. Are you ready to join the rebellion?

Has it ever happened that you wanted to use your beard or body trimmer to clean your Pubes, but the sharp razor blades made you worried? Well, we have a perfect solution. Now you wouldn't need to use the same trimmer for your ballz and your face.

Presenting Svish Ballz Trimmer with SENSITECH TECHNOLOGY  for the closest and smoothest shave for your ballz! Our SVISH BALLZ TRIMMER is designed explicitly for below-the-belt, enabling you to experience the ultimate ease of shaving down without any fear of cuts and hassle. It ensures you glide smoothly over the skin, reaching every nook and corner and not missing a single spot of hair.


  1. Svish Sensitech ™ engineered Ceramic Protection Blades that reduce cuts and snags while trimming below the belt.
  2. Ultra-quiet operation and low vibration.
  3. Cordless Charging 
  4. Built-in rechargeable 600mAh Li-Ion battery with 100-120 mins running Time. 
  5. Water Proof: Ipx5 Water Rating.
  6. Sleek Design with perfect grip. 
  1. 4 different lengths of limit combs(3&4mm、5&6mm
  2. Power Indicator, Oil change Indicator. 


SENSITECH  TECHNOLOGY :  No fear of cuts & snags with SVISH SENSITECH  TECHNOLOGY soft precision-engineered blades. The trimmer is gentle, smooth, and precise and gives the closest possible trim without causing any harm to the skin. It is very gentle on your sensitive skin.

SPLENDID WATERPROOF DESIGN: Many prefer to trim their crop in the shower. SVISH Ballz Trimmer has Ipx5 Water Rating and is engineered to cut with precision there. Providing a convenient wet or dry usage makes cleaning down easier for all situations.

NO-SLIP GRIP, ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Feel confident with the easy navigation through hard-to-reach areas. NO-SLIP GRIP makes the trimmer reliable while grooming your private parts so that you can trim every nook and corner conveniently without any cuts or snags. No more uncomfortable twists to your wrists too.

LESS VIBRATIONS AND NO NOISE: The 7000 RPM motor is very silent. It is less JERKY. It’s for your BALLZ It has to BE.

CONVENIENT STRONG POWER: Equipped with a 600mAH ION RECHARGEABLE charging head and a USB charging cord, you can use the precision trimmer for cordless shaving time for 90 minutes. No battery replacement, just plug it in Recharge & use it. 

POWER STATUS INDICATOR - SVISH Ballz Trimmer has an in-built power status indicator that warns if it's overcharging or completely drained of power, preventing any failure of your grooming plans. When the device is switched on, the display would turn on and shows the remaining power.

CORDLESS CHARGING DOCK - Plug in the SVISH Ballz Trimmer over the dock to charge.


SVISH BALLZ TRIMMER is designed for Below The Belt grooming but works great on your not-so-private parts too! With our SVISH SENSITECH TECHNOLOGY Revolutionary Ceramic Protection Blades, you can have multiple blades ready for all body areas with hair.


  1. The svish ballz trimmer
  2. Cordless charging system
  3. Replaceable & Adjustable blade sizes 3mm-4mm & 5mm-6mm
  4. A cleaning brush
  5. USB charging Cable (Travel Friendly)
  6. An instruction Manual
  7. Intimate Hygiene wipes for men pack of 10 x 2
  8. Intimate Hygiene Ballz Foam wash 75ml x1
  9. Anti Chafing Ballz Roll On Deo 50ml x 1