SVISH Men's Intimate Kit | Mosaic Hair Removal Spray Bottle For Men (200ml) | Intimate Wipes For Men - Dudes Wipes (20 pulls)

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Product Description

This kit provides a complete grooming experience for him. Contains a hair removal spray whose formulation is designed especially for the most gentle and effective removal of unwanted hair; and contains intimate wipes - a 100% biodegradable, alcohol-free, paraben-free, gentle formula for his protection and comfort. All the products in the kit are dermatologically tested and made for men who take charge and care about their hygiene.

Svish Mosaic Hair Removal Spray Bottle For Men

Step 01: Shake the SVISH well.
Step 02: SVISH the area from 10-15 cm
Step 03: Spread it evenly with a spatula
Step 04: Allow it to act for 5-8 minutes
Step 05: Scrape a small area to check
Step 06: If hair is removed, scrape the rest
Step 07: Rinse the area thoroughly with lukewarm water
Step 08: Gently dry the area
Step 09: Clean the SVISH nozzle & spatula with water after each use

Disclaimer: Please read usage instructions on the can before each application.

Caution for Hair Removal Spray: Do not apply on the head, face, eyes, eyebrows, nose, perianal and genitals. Do not use on scars, wounds, varicose veins, moles, spotty, broken, irritated or sunburnt skin, or skin that has suffered the adverse reaction to hair removal creams in the past. It is recommended to avoid swimming or using deodorants or other alcohol-based or perfumed products for 24 hours before or after hair removal. Always leave 72 hours between applications. In case of ingestion consult a doctor immediately and show packaging. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Safety Warning: Before each application, always check the reaction of your skin. If there’s no adverse reaction after 24 hours, you can continue with the applications.


Svish intimate wipes for men are 100% biodegradable, alcohol-free, paraben-free, gentle formula, and dermatologically tested for his protection and comfort. A product made for men who take charge of their hygiene. A wipe that reduces itches, combats odor and bacteria for men who are always ready for action and feel fresh on the go. Just Svish it and go for it.


01. Dermatologically tested
02. Avoid infections and allergies.
03. Maintains pH balance / Skin-friendly pH 5.5
04. Reduces itching & combat foul odor.
05. Made with Aloe Vera, and Citric Acid, and OUD
06. Alcohol & Paraben free gentle formulation
07. Gently cleanses the intimate area.
08. 100% Biodegradable Non-Woven
09. On-The-Go pack of 10
10. Skin-friendly - Do not interfere with the pH level of the intimate area and prevents rashes and irritation.

Intimate Areas – Around Genitals